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Skirt steak is one of the most adaptable cuts of beef; it can be grilled, broiled, braised or featured in fajitas and stir fry. It’s a dense meat – my youngest daughter calls it “chewy steak – and very popular in my household (both my girls prefer skirt steak to any other cut.) 

The skirt steak is cut from the plate section of the cow, between the brisket and the flank. Due to its fibrous texture, a skirt steak requires a bit of attention prior to cooking. You’ll need to use your meat tenderizer to break up the fibers – a fun way to relieve the day’s stress. This meat is a great sponge to soak up your favorite marinade or test a new recipe. 

If you’re barbequing for a group, skirt steak is a better option than individual steaks. It cooks quickly and goes a long way. You can feed several people with just a few steaks since most cuts weigh in around 1 ½ - 2 pounds. Slice it against the grain to make sure it’s “chewable.” So dress up your grill – and your next family dinner or gathering – with some inexpensive, versatile and delicious skirt steak!

Here is the recipe

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"Julie, I really enjoyed your class and took way more away than I ever thought I would. I never in a million years thought a cooking class would make me excited to try new things!! So my hat's off to you. You are a great teacher and the recipes are so good!" 


Susie C., Orland Park